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کتابها و جزوات عمرانی Civil Engineering EBooks

در مجموعه عمران یار سعی شده کتابهای لاتین مورد نیاز مهندسین را قرار دهد،کتابها به شرح ذیل می باشد:

کتابهای آب و فاضلاب
Wastewater Engineering: Treatment And Reuse(Metcalf & Eddy)
Managing Water Resources: Methods and Tools for a Systems Approach by Slobodan P. Simonovic
Sustainable Water Engineering: Theory and Practice 2014  by Ramesha Chandrappa, Diganta B. Das
Optimizing Stormwater Treatment Practices: A Handbook of Assessment and Maintenance
Water Supply, Sixth Edition Don D. Ratnayaka by Malcolm J. Brandt , Michael Johnson
Industrial Waste Treatment Handbook, Second Edition Woodard & Curran Inc
Engineering Fluid Mechanics  by T. Al-Shemmeri
Introduction to Hydrology by Warren Viessman, Jr  ,  Gary L. Lewis
Fundamentals Of Fluid Mechanics by MUNSON , YOUNG , OKIISHI, HUEBSCH
Fluid Mechanics by John F. Douglas,Janusz M. Gaslorek,John A. Swaffield,Lynne B. Jack
Mechanics of Fluids by  Merle C. Potter,David C. Wiggert
Fluid Mechanics by  Frank M. White
Hydraulic Structures by P. Novak,A.I.B. Moffat,C. Nalluri
Fundamentals Of Fluid Mechanics by Munson,Okiishi,Huebsch,Rothmayer
Handbook of Engineering Hydrology: Environmental Hydrology and Water Management by Saeid Eslamian
Handbook of Engineering Hydrology: Fundamentals and Applications by Saeid Eslamian
Handbook of Engineering Hydrology: Modeling, Climate Change, and Variability by Saeid Eslamian

کتابهای بتن
Advanced Concrete Technology by Zongjin Li
Post-Tensioned Concrete Floors by Khan S
Composite Construction in Steel and Concrete VI
Concrete Buildings in Seismic Regions
Design of Concrete Structures by Arthur H. Nilson
Reinforced Concret Mechanics & Design by James K. Wight, James G. MacGregor
Design and Construction of Concrete Floors by George Garber
Structural Detailing in Concrete by M. Y. H. Bangash
Standard Method of Detailing Structural Concrete
Corrosion of Steel In Concrete- Understanding Investigation and Repair by John P. Broomfield
Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure by Mashhour Ghoneim,Mahmoud EI-Mihilmy Volume 1
Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure by Mashhour Ghoneim,Mahmoud EI-Mihilmy Volume 2
Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure by Mashhour Ghoneim,Mahmoud EI-Mihilmy Volume 3
Concrete Solutions by Michael Grantham,Carmelo Majorana,Valentina Salomoni
Reinforced Concrete Design- A Practical Approach by Svetlana Brzev,John Pao
Engineered Concrete -Mix Design and Test Method by Irving Kett
Framework For Concrete Strucures by Robert L. Peurifoy,Garold D. Oberlender
Reinforced Concrete Beams Columns and Frame by Charles Casandjian,Christophe Lanos
Design of Reinforced Concrete by Jack C. McCormac,Russel H. Brown
Unified Theory of Concrete Structures by Thomas T.C.Hsu,Lian Duan
Precast Concrete Structures by Hubert Bachmann,Alfred Steinle
Concise Hydrology by Dawei Han
Structural Concrete Theory & Design by M.Nadim Hassoun,Akthem Al-Manaseer

Handbook of Concrete Engineering 2nd Edition by Mark Fintel

کتابهای فولاد
Advanced Analysis and Design of Steel Frames
Steel Designer’s Manua by  Buick Davison , Graham W. Owens
Structural Steel Design by Abi Aghayere ,Jason Vigil
Steel Design by William T. Segu
Solution Manual Steel Design by William T. Segu
The Behaviour and Design of Steel Structures To EC3
Steel Structures Design Using FEM by Rolf Kindmann,Matthias Kraus
Steel Design by William T. Segui
Handbook of Steel Connection Design and Details by Akbar R. Tamboli
Steel Designer’s Handbook by Branko Edward Gorenc,Ronald Tinyou,Arun Syam

کتابهای ژئو تکنیک
Foundation Engineering Handbook by  Robert W. Day
Geotechnical Engineering for the Preservation of Monuments and Historic Sites
An Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering by : Robert D. Holtz  , William D. Kovacs
Soil Mechanics and Foundations by M. Budhu
Principles of Geotechnical Engineering by Braja M. Das
Foundation Design Theory & Practice by N. S. V. Kameswara Rao
Geotechnics For Building Professionals by J.A. Charles
Principles of Geotechnical Engineering by Braja M. Das
Advanced Soil Mechanics by  Braja M. Das
Advanced Foundation Engineering by V.N.S. Murthy
Principles of Foundation Engineering, SI by  Braja M. Das
geotechnical earthquake engineer handbook by Robert W
Craig’s Soil Mechanics by R. F. Craig,J. A. Knappett 8
Fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering by Braja M.Das
Theory and Practice of Foundation Design by N.N.Som,S.C.Das
Pile Design & Construction Practice by Michael Tomlinson,John Woodward
Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction by Rolando P. Orense,Nawawi Chouw,Michael J. Pender
Geotechnical Engineering by Renato Lancellotta
Soil Mechanics A One Dimension a Introduction by DavidMuirWood
Soil Mechanics Lab Manual by Michael E.Kalinski
Principles of Geotechnical Engineering SI Edition by Braja M. Das,Khaled Sobhan,Dean Emeritus

کتابهای مهندسی سازه
Nonlinear Structural Engineering  By Demeter G. Fertis
Atlas of Stress-Strain Curves, 2nd Edition by Y. Tamarin
Designers’ Guide To Eurocode:Basis Of Structural Design
Dictionary of Civil Engineering
Dynamics of Structures by  Jagmohan L. Humar
Basic Structural Dynamics by James C. Anderson ,Farzad Naeim
Structural Dynamics In Industry by Alain Girad , Nicolas Roy
Examples in Structural Analysis by  William M.C. McKenzie
Structural Analysis by Matthew L. Camilleri
Structural Analysis by IIT. Kharagpur
Structural Analysis In Theory and Practice by Aalan Williams
Structural Analysis by Aslam Kassimali
Structural Dynamics Theory and Computation by Mario Paz,William Leigh
Matrix Analysis Of Structures by Aslam Kassimali
Linear and Non-Linear Numerical Analysis of Foundations by John W. Bull
Optimization of Structural and Mechanical Systems by Jasbir S Arora
Structural Analysis of Regular Multi-Storey Buildings by Karoly A. Zalka
Stability of Structures Principles and Applications by Chai H.Yoo,Sung C. Lee
Nonlinear System Identification by Haar Wavelets
Design of Plated Structures by Darko Beg,Ulrike Kuhlmann,Laurence Davaine,Benjamin Braun
Structural Wood Design  A Practice Oriented Approach by Abi Aghayere,Jason Vigil
Snow Loads – A Guide to the Snow Load Provisions of Asce 7-10 by Michael O’Rourke
RSMeans Illustrated Construction Dictionary by RSMeans Company
Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations, Second Edition by Tyler Hicks
Building Services Handbook, Fifth Edition by Fred Hall ,Roger Greeno BA

کتابهای پایه(استاتیک ، مقاومت مصالح ، دینامیک و تحلیل سازه)
The Civil Engineering Handbook, Second Edition by W.F. Chen , J.Y. Richard Liew
Engineering Mechanics Statics by  Andrew Pytel  , Jaan Kiusalaas
Engineernig Mechanics Dynamics by Andrew Pytel  , Jaan Kiusalaas
Mechanics of Material, SI edition by James M. Gere  , Barry J. Goodno
Mechanics of Materials by Ferdinand P. Beer
Vector Mechanics For Engineers Statics and Dynamics by Beer,Johnston
Engineering Mechanics Statics by J.L. Meriam,L.G. Kraige
Dynamics of Structures-Theory and Applications to Earthquake Engineering by Anil K.Chopra

کتابهای مهندسی زلزله
The Seismic Design Handbook by Farzad Naeim
Earthquake Engineering Handbook by Wai-Fah Chen,Charles Scawthorn
Earthquake Resistant Buildings by M.Y.H.Bangash
Earthquake-Resistant Structures Design, Build, and Retrofit by Mohiuddin Ali Khan
Seismic Analysis of Structures by T.K.Datta
Seismic Design Guide for Metal Building Systems Based on the 2006 IBC
Seismic Design of Building Structures by Michael R.Lindeburg,Majid Baradar

کتابهای حمل و نقل
The Dictionary of Transport and Logistics
Handbook for Blast-Resistant Design of Buildings by Donald o. Dusenberry
Highway Engineering Handbook by Roger L.Brockenbrough
Pavement Engineering – Principles and Practice by Rajib B. Mallick,Tahar El-Korchi
The Handbook of Highway Engineering 2005-Muya
Highway Engineering Handbook Hardcover by Roger Brockenbrough
Handbook of Transportation Engineering by Myer Kutz
A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets 2011 by AASHTO
The Railway Track and Its Long Term Behaviour by Konstantinos Tzanakakis
Intelligent Road Design by M. K. Jha, P.Schonfeld, J-C Jong,E.Kim
Traffic Control Handbook
Practical Railway Engineering by Clifford F. Bonnett

کتابهای مهندسی پل
Bridge Engineering Handbook by Wai-Fah Chen
Bridge Engineering Handbook, Second Edition: Construction and Maintenance
Bridge Engineering Handbook, Second Edition: Seismic Design
Bridge Engineering Handbook, Second Edition: Substructure Design
Bridge Engineering Handbook, Second Edition: Superstructure Design

Bridge Design & Evaluation – LRFD & LRFR  by Gongkang Fu
Bridge Engineering Seismic Design by Wai-Fah Chen,Lian Duan
Modern Techniques in Bridge Engineering by Khaled M. Mahmoud
Bridge Engineering Handbook by Wai-Fah Chen,Lian Duan
Bridge  Engineering  Handbook Construction and Maintenance by Wai-Fah Chen,Lian Duan
Bridge Engineering, Rehabilitation, and Maintenance of Modern Highway Bridges by Demetrios E. Tonias,Jim J. Zhao
Handbook of International Bridge Engineering by Wai-Fah Chen,Lian Duan

کتابهای الاستسیته
Elasticity – Theory, Application, & Numerics by  Martin H. Sadd
Theory Of Elastic Stability by  Stephen P. Timoshenko,James M. Gere
کتابهای معماری
AD: Future Details Of Architecture

استانداردهای بین المللی
ACI 318M Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete And Commentary 2011
Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (AISC 360 -2010) ANSI
AISC Steel Construction Manual 2006
International Building Code ( IBC ) 2012
AASHTO Guide Design Of Pavement Structures 1993

AISC Steel Design Guide Series: 01~19


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